Long Overdue

If a bad blogger is one who ignores their blog and prefers writing in a personal journal, then I am bad. If a bad blogger is one who is not committed to his/her blog enough to frequently post their impressions of their Japan exploits and experiences, then I am terrible. If a bad blogger is one who does not update his/her blog whenever new things come up, then I am the worst.

That said, I would like to apologize for making my blog a very stagnant one even though my hat of Japan-related stories is bottomless. It’s busy over here. So busy that I have become a creature who gets no more than four hours of nocturnal sleep. And it’s my choice… Excuse the logic (or the lack thereof), but why waste time sleeping when there is always something to be done?

Not to mention that I am, by the way, a student who has to go to school five days a week, has assignments, midterms, presentations and some of that good old university torture.

Japan is crazy. So crazy that if I were to document my daily going-ons, I’d lose all of my readership because this will turn into something more or less like Ulysses, albeit less crafted and more Japanese.

I had to get this out of the way. New post soon, I promise.


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