Halfway Through


Star trails and meteor streaks...



Yesterday I had chicken for lunch. Yesterday I drank a litre of green tea. Yesterday I rode my bike from and to school, once during the day, and once during the night. Yesterday there was  a Geminid Meteor shower that  lit up the skies with up to 100 shooting stars per hour during its peak.

Yesterday marked the end of the first half of my stint in Japan.

See, I can easily comprehend the sentences above and take them for granted, but coming to realize that my stay here has been diminished by 50% is a little bit too complex for my brain to get around.

It’s hard to realize that all of this is temporary. Just a phase that started, is now developing, and will soon end.

It’s even harder to face the fact that all the friends you have made here, with whom you shared your 500 Yen  mahoosive meals at the Obbaachan’s , with whom you complained about the Seminar House kitchen, with whom you laughed at ridiculous Japanese TV shows, with whom you procrastinated for hours before solving the two-page Genki homework, with whom you cursed the day the textbook was published and the day Kanji was actually invented, with whom you got lost on random trains in the Kansai Reigon… all of them, are leaving.

It makes you stop for a second. It makes you appreciate every single second you’re living here. It makes you go buy a new notebook because your daily journal writing habits will become more and more intense…


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  1. Sarah El Masry
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 15:05:18

    WOW>>> JUST WOW… I was really really touched by this… I m almost in tears … Don’t be sad because such memories are never forgotten… and such friends will always be by your side no matter where they go… I m happy that you are enjoying it very much… I m finishing within a week… We will be talking more isA… ❤


  2. Ahmed Shaheen
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 15:22:32

    Aw, don’t worry! You’ll make other great friends next semester, and then you’ll be the one who’ll take the newbies around and show them the place. Did you make any japanese friends?


  3. Dina
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 20:14:01

    I can’t wait until you finish Sara, I have a lot to tell you and I wold love it if you shared your Boston-related preparations…!

    I do have Japanese friends, plenty of tem actually, however, with the Japanese I have found it hard to develop friendships that go beyond the “small talk” stage… You just gave me a topic for an upcoming post, Ahmed 🙂

    And yeah, I remember when we first arrived and all admired the “cool guys” who had stayed from the previous semester… can’t wait to be referred to as a reference however little I might know 😛


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