On Falling Regimes and Crying Gaijins

I was sitting with two dear friends in an empty izakaya (For Egyptians think Cilantro, Japan style), when I got a phone call from an Egyptian number. I hesitantly said hello.

“KHALAS YA DINA! TANNA7A !! KHALAAAAAAAAS” (It’s over, Dina, he stepped down, it’s over.)

Next thing, I defy Japanese public mannes, stand up in the middle of the place and start screaming “Yalahwy” and “Yanha Eswed”. I fall under the table while screaming. I was in a position normally reserved for someone giving birth to an 8 kg baby.


Thanks to everyone sent me a “hang in there” or a “congratulations” message. Thing is, I didn’t do anything. It’s the brilliant youth of Egypt who started it all, and ended it all.

The war is far from over. On Febrauary 11th we celebrated, and from then, we struggle on.

I also have a  New Homepage. It’s terminal.

Mohammed Bou Azizi what have you done !!? You did not torch yourself , you lighted the way for over 100 million souls in Tunisia , Egypt , Libya, Bahrain......................



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