You’ll like Japanese Politics….

… if you like governors who declare Tsunamis as “a punishment from God”, right after one hits the country, killing tens of thousands, to be re-elected.

Graffiti on campaign poster. On Forehead, literally: “The tsunami is divine punishment.”



Japanese Kids…

… are the most beautiful thing in the world. I often catch myself holding my camera and snapping pictures of them, like an A-class pervert.


الحلو ما بيكملش…

Too bad we’re running out of them…

Spring is Here

First off: apologies for my previous depressive post, thanks and hugs to any of you who left a comment on here or facebook, emailed me and even called. A really precious feeling is it to have such an emotional boost from such lovely people.

So yes, Spring has made its appearance in Japan. I have never seen anything that beautiful in my life. It’s amazing how the weather affects your morale. When the sun shines, when the sakura blooms, when parks are full with happy children…. its just like a revelation.

I feel pictures speak better than words, or I’d just be too bad if I tried to articulate how beautiful Spring in Japan is…


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Last night’s aftershock was the strongest since the March 11th  14:46 tragedy. A live footage on NHK caught this insane fireball coming out of absolute nothingness and now people are trying to figure out where it could possibly come from. Proposed ideas so far include, UFOs and Harry Potter.

I’m not kidding. It’s pure horror.

Things I Need to Get Out of my System

I hate to make things all about myself. Which is why I haven’t been writing as much as I should in this blog. I mean, the blogs out there about great Japanese toilets, cute Japanese girls, drunk Japanese salarymen and corrupt Japanese politicians are more than I can count in Japanese, just waiting for a Google search.

So yes, I created a blog about my year in Japan, but ended up writing everything in my personal journal instead (which you might have access to if I die from Fukushima radiations).

This semester has been, simply, a little bit too much for me to handle. It started off with a Revolution. Did you get that? A REVOLUTION. From January 25th onwards, I lost something along the way. I definitely lost the peace of mind. I lost the thrill of being away from home. I instantly stopped feeling proud my myself being here. It was all replaced with terrible mixture of guilt, uselessness and shame. It still hurts. Every single day. Every single second.

Just as things got “better”, the Great East Japan earthquake hit us all, and again, I was taken over by this feeling of helplessness and uselessness – as I watch on NHK stories of mothers feeding their children snow because nothing else is available, stories of orphaned children whose parents were washed away by the Tsunami, stories of the elderly roaming around the wrecks of what used to be their lives.

It is so hard to enjoy anything anymore. Nothing makes sense any longer. I’m just tired and worn out. The last time I had a good nights sleep was so long ago I cannot even remember. I don’t know what time zone I should follow; Egypt or Japan. I stay up all night pondering the meanings of things, and if things actually had any meaning.

I feel pretentious all the time, trying to keep up with people and engage in conversations about things I don’t care less about, keep a neutral face as if everything is normal, while I’m torn on the inside.

They ask me to write articles about the quake and send them home. So I do. I write from the desk in my heated dorm room about the lives destroyed by the Quake and the dreams submerged by the Tsunami. I do that the same way I watched, from my padded chair, images of Egyptians, just like myself, revolting for their (and my) rights with live ammunition against them.

Then I think if I matter at all.

This feeling of guilt has become simply unbearable.

I really need to get my shit together… But I just can’t control my shit.

April 2011
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